The Pirate Ship heading out to sea

Boat History

The Pirate Ship was built on the High Green in Bridlington old town next to the Priory church in 1979. It was built single handed by a local boat builder called Paul Mckie. It was originally designed to be an angling and commercial fishing boat and was named "Sportsman." It is constructed of oak frames with larch planking which was harvested in the Hemsley area of North Yorkshire.

The decking is made of iroko wood imported from South America. Carvel built the frames are erected before the planking, the planks are butted up to each other and are secured with iron spikes, then seams and joints are caulked to be made water tight. This method is usually used on larger vessels and is of a heavier construction.

As the holiday industry declined in Bridlington with introduction of cheap flights to Europe. The owners of the sportsman launch could not stand by and see this fine piece of craftsman ship be decommissioned as the fishing leisure industry slowly came to an end.

Together father and son, Arthur and Sean Newby conceived the novel idea of a pirate ship. Providing great value tours of the Bridlington bay, and a chance for children to experience an exciting voyage.